• The Unholy Society - Press Kit

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  • Factsheet

    Developer: Cat-astrophe Games (based in Wroclaw, Poland)


    Release dates:

    • Part I on Nintendo Switch, PC: February 25, 2020
    • Part I on Android, iOS: September 17, 2021
    • Part II: TBA 

    Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC, Android, iOS


    Language: English


    Regular price: 9.99 USD (Nintendo Switch, PC)


    Availability: digital download


    Rating: USK 12, PEGI 16+, ESRB M


    Webpage: https://unholy-society.com/


    The Unholy Society is inspired by ’80s and ’90s movies, comic books, as well as everything else that fits into the categories of “iconic” and “pop culture”.


    Let’s face it – we’re a bunch of ’90s kids.


    Our goal was to create an experience similar to those we loved: full of witty dialogues, fleshed out characters, supernatural creatures, a tiny bit of magic, and a whole lot of retro aesthetics.


    And, of course, a hella lot of badassery.


    The world as we know is about to change – the united forces of demons, gods, and monsters prepare for another deadly attempt to eradicate “the big guys” and change the religious status quo.


    And, just perhaps, to drink lots of tea and discuss art in the meantime.


    The only one who can stop them is Bonaventura Horowitz – a snarky exorcist, who isn’t exactly an angel himself.


    At the request of the Pope himself, Bon, accompanied by a group of his peculiar friends, sets off on a thrilling mission, leaving behind a trail of cigarette butts, empty whiskey bottles, and broken demonic hearts.


    • Quirky, fleshed out characters
    • Unique story, inspired by all the good stuff from pop culture
    • Comic-like aesthetics
    • Engaging exorcism system
    • Loads of sarcasm and humour
    • Pope on speed dial
  • History

    Cat-astrophe Games is a Polish indie game studio, created out of love for cats and video games. It first launched in 2015 as a project of Paweł Wojciechowicz and Michalis Kamburelis. Ever since, our team has considerably grown and currently has over ten members. Our main goal is to create unique experiences – using engaging stories, comic-inspired graphics and satisfying mechanics – that will leave a lasting impression on the players.


    Other games from the studio include:


    Since 2019 Cat-astrophe Games has also been involved in porting and development of third-party games, as well as development of numerous educational projects.

    Upcoming projects:


    For press, inquiries and thoughts, as well as to request a copy for review, please contact us at: contact@cat-astrophe-games.com


    Game design
    Joanna Lipińska
    Michalis Kamburelis
    Szymon Stoma


    Joanna Lipińska
    Matylda Bruniecka
    Klaudyna Bajkowska
    Michalis Kamburelis


    Paweł Wojciechowicz
    Iga Von Geyso
    Ismael Ramos
    Adrianna Matejek
    Barnaba Mikułowski


    Michalis Kamburelis
    Eugene Loza


    Krzysztof Kowal
    Krzysztof Kus
    Hidden Verses
    In Dreamer’s Mind